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Jessie J ‘so common’ with Adele

Jessie J has admitted she becomes “common” when she meets up with
her old school friend Adele. The singers hung out together at the BRIT
School in south-east England, and Jessie said that when they meet up, all
their success goes out of the window and they get back to their roots. She
told Contact Music: “Adele and I used to hang out together at the BRIT
School and sing together. I bumped into her recently and she was like,
'Baaaabe!' We're so common when we're together, it's hilarious.” And
when she is not socialising with other chart stars, she said she likes to
spend time with her family – in her pyjamas. She added: “I’m able to be in
my pyjamas and have no make-up on in front of my family - there aren’t
many people I can do that with any more.

Jessie J: ‘I don’t try to look sexy’

Jessie J has insisted that she doesn’t try to dress ‘sexy’. The 23-year-old
British singer said that she chooses her stage outfits according to how
comfortable they are, rather than how they make her look. She told ‘more
magazine’, “I’m not very confident actually I’ve never been like that. That’s
just not the kind of person I am. “I don’t wear catsuits to be sexy. It’s funny,
people say to me, ‘Your stuff is so sexual’ but here I am in a long-sleeved
catsuit covering everything. “Fashion should be about what makes you
comfy and I like dressing like a superhero.” But she added that
comfortable or not, fans can never expect to catch her in a girlie dress. “I
think it’s fun to dress up with the earrings and lipstick and big shoes,” she

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Jessie J wants to retire her first single Do It Like A Dude

Jessie J has admitted she wants to retire her first single Do It Like A Dude
before she turns 40. The British star may be only 23 years old but said she
doesn’t want her debut track to hang around forever. Speaking to UK
newspaper Daily Star, she said: “I’m aware of what I’m singing about all
the time, which is why I was so nervous about Do It Like A Dude, that
people were going to judge me for it, because it has elements of the dollar
about it. “Don’t get me wrong, I love bashment music like Pass Out, but
eventually I thought: ‘If I can’t do a song like this now, when can I?’ I should
have fun too. “Can you imagine doing a song like that when I’m 40? Oh
God. I knew it would shake up some controversy.

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Jessie J lived out of a car while trying to make it

Jessie J has admitted she struggled for years before hitting the big time.
The British singer said she suffered several heartbreaking setbacks when
she first started out, and even lived out of her car so she would be free to
go and work wherever she was needed. Talking to website That Grape
Juice, she explained: “I think back to the early days. Days of wanting to be
signed, then getting signed with a girl band, writing 150 songs in two years
only for the label to go bankrupt. It hasn’t been easy. I got signed to Sony
as a songwriter doing support stuff in any place I could around the world
for free. All the while, I was just living in a car. Doing all of that stuff that felt
so crazy at the time.

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Jessie J ‘can’t drive’ new Mercedes

British singer Jessie J doesn’t know how to use her new Mercedes SLK
because she is used to driving a Ford Ka. The Do It Like A Dude hitmaker
was given one of the top-of-the-range cars by her record company but is
having trouble with the £44,000 vehicle. She told British newspaper The
Sun: “I gave my Ka to my dad. I’ve now got a brand new Mercedes SLK,
but the only thing is I can’t drive it. My Ka was like a go-kart, but with this
I’m a mess. I don’t know how to use the radio. “I try to indicate and I spray
water at people and I’m not a fan of the heated seat because it feels like
you’ve wet yourself.”